Duendecillo P      FOR SALE !

Duendecillo P is tested  by WFFS and is clean (N/N) and  does not  carry the gene.

R04-1001   DVH 936
born 2004
FWB, Hannover, DWB 2007
171 cm

Duendecillo P was approved in Denmark  in 2007 as the age of 3 years old. It was a superior year in dressage colts in DWB and  for example  among other approved stallions were BH Zack and Skovens Rafael. Duendecillo P was approved  as well in Finland  2008 as a performance test winner.  The stallion has got AB  from his offspring. 

In november 2011 the stallion moved to Sweden and is trained and ridden by Jeanna Högberg and they have competed with success ever since. Year 2014 they started to compete internationally small tour and after breeding season the stallion made a debut in GP as well.  The last but not least, the stallion was approved in Hannoveraner Verban in december 2014 (Hannoveranerförbundets Anerkennung 9 december) and the offspring can be  registrated now in FWB or Hannoveraner Verband.

Duendecillo P competed  his first season in GP in 2015 and with success! Stallion won GP Freestyle in CDIO3 Vidauban and won both big tour GP and GP Freestyle  (72,100%)in Helsinki CDIO3. In Oslo CDIO4 Duendecillo P placed  3rd place on GP Freestyle and in Herning CDIO3 2016 he was 6th place in GP Freestyle with 71,375%.

This lovely stallion is now  For Sale and we  wish to find a rider who would love this stallion as much as we do.  He is easy to ride even though he is a stallion. He has been competed  since 2011 with Jeanna Högberg and been in breeding every summer in Finland since 2008 . He is healthy and in competition condition.  He is at the moment in Germany at Helen Langehanenberg . Inquires  by telephone +358400166325  (Anne Niemi, Dr.vet.med) or  by e-mail info@anneniemi.fi  .

Video made by Kiki Beelitz  2014:

Video 25.4.2016:

Video from Helsinki CDIO3 2015: 

Video from Herning CDIO3 2016:

We have frozen semen available, which can be shipped in EU. Fresh semen is available when the stallion is in Finland. Stallion is approved in Hannover and the licence for 2015 is paid as well. Order by telephone +358-400166325 or by e-mail: anne.niemi@fimnet.fi

Jeanna Högberg:

“Duendecillo is a stallion which have had it easy to lern things up to Grand Prix. He has specially good  hindleg activity and  an extraoridnary canter. Piaffe and passage are really easy for him. He is as well a stallion with good competition attitude and he is noticed everywhere he goes.”

Anna Hassö:

¨I have seen a couple of young horses in training, and they have shown good technique and a super attitude in jumping. This, combined with great movements should make the stallion interesting for breeding event horses. ¨

Competition results:

Duendecillo P 


Duendecillo P Piaff

Duendecillo P

Duendecillo P: 2-v, kuva Leena Kahisaari – 4-v, kuva Tapio Mäenpää – 10-v, kuva Christina Beuke

Duendecillo P: 2-y, photo Leena Kahisaari – 4-y, photo Tapio Mäenpää – 10-y, photo Christina Beuke

Duendecillo P

Stockholm International Horse Show 2014, © Anna-Lena Bergqvist

Vidauban, kuva Rui Pedro Godinho

Vidauban, © Rui Pedro Godinho

Vidauban CDIO3/CDIO5 2014:

Hannover anerkennung 2014:

Swedish International Horse Show 2014: