“Next Pit Stop is Dressurstall Helen Langehanenberg”

“Next Pit Stop is Dressurstall Helen Langehanenberg”

Exciting news for Duendecillo P !



The breeding season ends at 12th 0f august and moves first to Jeanna and in the end of August to Helen .

We are for ever grateful to Jeanna : She made Peikko what he is today and we have enjoyed the journey ! It has been great fun and we are extremely happy that our co-operation does not end here .

We own together Snezhana P (St Schufro-Romanov) .   Zecchino P (Zack-Midt West Ibi-Light) and DiCaprio P (Duendecillo P-Krack C) are already waiting for Jeanna. Zecchino P goes first to Oliver Polster for training for Stallion Days 2017 in Finland.


We are extremely happy and proud that Duendecillo P did got a place in Helens stable and we hope everything goes well .  

Vidauban pienennetty laukka



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