Aprés Pearl “Helmi” ELIT

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sire. Midt-West Ibi-Light
dam. Patricia II
dam’s sire. Pontus

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Apres PearlApres Pearl is an  ELIT mare  and she has left several superior foals. Her first offspring was Deep Sea Pearl (by BH Don Schufro), who was the best 2 year foal in our national foal show and the  winner of the young horse championate (dressage) as the age of 5 years. The  second  offspring, Duendecillo P (by BH Don Romantic ) is graded stallion (Hannover, FWB and DWB). Duendecillo P  competes  at a moment on S-level and is ready for GP. Third offspring is Rasmussen P (by BH Romanov),  who competes succesfully on PSG-level.  Hurriganes P (by BH Hotline) competes as well succesfully on L-level in Sweden.  Other foals are younger and we will wait for a lot from them . 

Breed: Finnish Warmblood FWB
Gender: mare 
Born: 03.06.1996
Country: FIN
Hight: 163.0 cm
Breeder: Niemi Anne, Vöyri 
Inspection Score: 2002 Ylistaro 8-8-6-8-7=37p
Grading class: II
Offspring class: A

Show results:
– B-prize 2005
– AB-prize 2007
– A-prize 2010
– ELIT 2013

Apres PearlApres Pearl


2000 m. Deep Sea Pearl (sire. Blue Hors Don Schufro)
2004 s. Duendecillo P (sire. Blue Hors Don Romantic)
2005 s. Rasmussen P (sire. Blue Hors Romanov)
2007 m. Roulette Russe P (sire. Blue Hors Romanov)
2008 m. Dorada P (sire. Blue Hors Don Schufro)
2009 s. Hurriganes P (sire. Blue Hors Hotline)
2012 m. Ushuaia P (sire. Blue Hors Don Olymbrio)
2013 m. Zarina P (sire. Blue Hors Zack )
2014 s. Zecchino P (sire. Blue Hors Zack )

Helmi ja Rasmussen P

Helmi and Rasmussen P